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Zosano Pharma Stock Is Falling: Successful Candidate For COVID-19 Vaccine

One of the numerous global initiatives to make it simpler to take medications and vaccinations to battle the pandemic is a California-based company’s startup that developed a Covid-19 vaccine candidate to load onto a patch of 2,000 microneedles. So far, Zosano Pharma has not given the exact name of this candidate, which was provided to it by a company that develops vaccines. And the timing of clinical trials of the new drug on patients is also unknown. Today, the company is losing only $0.004, falling to $0.6818. And during the last trading session, the stock rose sharply by 23% and then fell by 13%.

Zosano Pharma (ZSAN) Crosses $1 Mark on High Volume: A Bullish Sign? – Own SnapThere are more than 2000 titanium microneedles coated with a medicinal coating on the Zosano patch. Due to the persistent stickiness, it can be easily applied to the skin using a reusable applicator instead of an intramuscular injection. The company’s goal is to make it simpler to get vaccinations into the hands of more people, especially given the possibility of new variations developing from a virus that has killed more than 5.1 million. Vice President of research and development of the company, Mahmoud Ameri believes that if a vaccine candidate using a patch receives approval, it can become a replacement for vaccines that are administered intravenously.