ZSAN Dips 53% While Offering 51,250,000 Common Stock

Zosano Pharma has artificially pushed ZSAN stock down towards $0.30 per share with similarly priced warrants for each. This kind of strategy in funding the company’s significant areas could finally expand Zosano even though its stock struggles to get even more than $1.00. Yesterday, the stock closed at $0.4726 after rising 3.08%. Consequently, it is offered at $0.2250 in the premarket.

A possible reverse stock split may occur after a successful fundraising. However, initially staged clinical tests on various therapeutics might push the stock above its 2021’s highest price which was $2.00. For risk-loving buyers, this sort of stock is recommended because ZSAN is still uncertain in future moves. Buy and pray strategy for the cash-burning gamblers could also be nice in buying Zosano common shares.