ZW Data Action Technologies Stock Surges Good After Launching Business Platform

ZW Data, a China-based digital marketing and data analytics company, today launched its Blockchain Integrated Framework (BIF) for the non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance markets. CNET stock is trading at $1.27 in the pre-market session, marking a 10% increase. BIF Platform is a blockchain-based platform that enables micro, small, and medium enterprises to create, manage, and maintain their own blockchain networks and applications. Its robust platform features an investment-light approach that enables SMEs to quickly implement digital transformation.

The BIF Platform’s robust technology supports the secure storage and transfer of data. It enables MSMEs to store and manage their data in a way that’s consistent with their business needs. The BIF Platform is a unique combination of high-quality API and SDKs that enable users to develop decentralized applications quickly and cost-effectively. Its robust suite of tools simplifies the work of developers while providing them with predefined processes and frameworks that minimize the risk and complexity of implementing blockchain technology.